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One of the most important pieces of software to have on your computer is an anti virus/spyware/malware solution. The growth of viruses and malware has exploded over the past couple of years and it would seem that nobody is safe from them anymore. Every day thousands of computers are infected through various ways, even those who think they are safe can be very vulnerable.

There are many solutions available on the web, some free and some paid for. What you will find is that the free solutions don’t offer real time protection and only give you the ‘on-demand’ scanning functionality. The major flaw with this is that you have no means of protecting against viruses and spyware getting on your machine in the first place. To be fully protected you need a solution that constantly monitors your system.

STOPzilla does exactly that, it offers a real time protection engine against viruses, spyware, malware, adware, browser hijack objects (BHO’s), dialers, root kits and many others nasty things that you don’t want to get onto your computer. Let’s take a look at what features STOPzilla has to offer.

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Protection Stopzilla Review

STOPzilla uses a complex real time protection engine that sits deep down inside the operating system to monitor all activity and detect any suspicious activity. The real time protection prevents any potentially dangerous file from being executed and causing havoc. STOPzilla is able to detect patterns in file activity that relate to viruses, spyware or malware activity and can quickly block them and quarantine them. It has one of the biggest databases around and can detect 99.9% of malicious files that can cause damage to your system.

Not only that but it can also detect heuristics of undiscovered malware and stop them from compromising your system. This is great for what is known as ‘0-day’ viruses and malware that have just recently been written and are not yet known by any other major vendor. On the test’s I performed STOPzilla detected some very stubborn root kit’s that Spybot and Malware Bytes were unable to detect. On visiting several malware ridden sites STOPzilla alerted me and prevented an infection.

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Features Stopzilla Reviews

The real time protection engine is able to detect just about every nasty piece of software that is around, we are talking viruses, spyware, malware and adware but also things like key loggers, dialers, search redirects, root kits and many others.

There is also a scanning engine that will do a deep scan of your entire system and go through every single file and running process to check for any infections, you can then safely and effectively clean them up, it can even handle files that are in use and other stubborn infections that are normally very tricky to get rid of.

Another great feature is the pop up killer, I tested this out and found that it stopped just about every annoying popup you would get from normal browsing, it is able to detect advertising and spyware popups and block them, whilst at the same time still allow legitimate popups to display. It will also intercept and stop any popups that are generated by hidden spyware processes.

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Support And Updates Stopzilla Review

The support is one of the best features of STOPzilla. Firstly you get regular updates, sometimes twice daily that will update the virus/spyware/malware definitions and keep you up to date with the latest forms of infection. This is probably the most important part of any anti virus/malware/spyware software; being able to stay up to date with new forms of malicious files that many other software packages would miss.

If you have any problems at all with the software or with any virus, malware or spyware infection that you can’t get rid of then there are many support options available. You can contact the support team via chat, email, online help and toll free calls. I used their customer service team twice to see what they were like and both times they were helpful and quick to respond and help me get rid of quite a stubborn infection that kept generating popups!

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Usability Stopzilla Review

One thing you will notice about STOPzilla is how easy it is to use, all of the menus and screen’s are very straight forward and everything is self explanatory so you can’t possibly go wrong. If you do get infected and STOPzilla detects it you are presented with a simple dialog to fix the problem. Changing settings are a breeze and all the options are easily accessible. Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance though, it is a very powerful and effective piece of software.

Cost And Value For Money Stopzilla Review

Finally we come to the cost; a year’s subscription for STOPzilla is only $9.95 if you take advantage of the mail in rebate, otherwise it is $39.95. For a whole year this is very good value for money especially with the support options you get and the regular updates. What I found was great about STOPzilla was the fact that it combines an anti virus, anti spyware and anti malware solution all in one piece of software, that means you get 100% protection from one simple program. For peace of mind alone a year’s subscription to STOPzilla is definitely worth it.

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